Behavioral Health


We are all impacted either directly or indirectly by the national behavioral health crisis. Discussions are happening and solutions are needed. Vision West ND and USDA-Rural Development co-sponsored a Behavioral Health Action Roundtable with the city of Williston and Dickinson.  

The goals of each event were to 1) identify the region’s greatest needs surrounding behavioral health in western North Dakota and 2) determine action steps to help communities address the issue.

The director of the ND Behavioral Health Division provided the following presentation at each of the events.

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Community Resources

Dickinson Area Resources

A list of agencies in the Dickinson area provided supportive assistance to community members.

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Free Through Recovery

Free Through Recovery is a community based behavioral health program designed to increase recovery support services to individuals involved with the criminal justice system who have behavioral health concerns. 

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Mental Health and Addiction Resources

A list of agencies and contact information for veteran services and mental health support services in Bismarck, Dickinson, and Williston.

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Williston Community Area Resources

This is a free resource provided by Dakota Family Solutions updated as of March 20, 2019. Keep in mind that impacts from service providers turnover and or changes in available resources the content in this list is subject to change.

This resource is strictly for informational purposes, Dakota Family Solutions does not necessarily endorse the listed entities.

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: Per request from Dakota Family Solutions… “please keep with our standard of printing it on LIME GREEN paper to keep it easily identified in our community”

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Data Driven Resources

Federal Resources for Rural Communities

The Office of National Drug Control Policy developed the following resource. The ONDCP organized the resource into 26 overarching categories which will help the users identify potential sources of assistance for their most challenging issues. This list is not exhaustive: many of the programs and resources listed cover a much broader range of potential issues.

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ND Behavioral health system study

This report presents the findings from the North Dakota Comprehensive Behavioral Health Systems Analysis, conducted by the Human Services Research Institute for the North Dakota Department of Human Services Behavioral Health Division.

Published April 2018. Download Report.

ND Behavioral Health Vision 20/20

HSRI is supporting the North Dakota Behavioral Health Planning Council to engage in coordinated, data-driven system transformation activities based on the recommendations from the 2018 Behavioral Health System Study. Working with stakeholders - including service users and families, advocates, providers, administrators, and other North Dakotans - we're helping the state set its course for ongoing system monitoring, planning, and improvements in the long term.

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Substance Use North Dakota

SUND (Substance Use in North Dakota) provides data on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug consumption patterns, consequences, and contributing factors in North Dakota.

The purpose of SUND is to help all audiences in North Dakota make decisions about substance abuse prevention efforts based on existing evidence and demonstration of need and to provide a one-stop-shop of useful data, reading material, and community resources related to substance use and consequences in North Dakota. Data provided on the website can be used to prepare applications for funding, to monitor prevention-related trends, to plan programs and initiatives by establishing community-level prevention priorities.

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