The Vision West ND Foundation broadens opportunities for Western ND communities to improve value of place and establish long-term sustainability. 

It was created to build two primary funding sources to support the activities of the Vision West ND Consortium and the areas it serves. One fund is a project-oriented non-endowed account established so funds can be easily accessed for projects and operations. The other fund is a sustaining endowment established to use the interest this account earns to serve communities over the long term.

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How will your funds be used?

Vision West ND will use funds and donations to:

  • Sustain communities through direct support to help create local value and quality of place
  • Provide educational and research-based resources, such as our workplace, housing, and population projections for our region and our Main Street Success Project, which provided planning data for downtown development
  • Maintain the GoLocal! ND project facilitated to help communities understand the importance of local community engagement
  • Build collaboration between local, state, and national experts to guide us in sustaining our economies during times of economic growth and downturn
  • Encourage philanthropy and gift planning to empower financial institutions to come on board with our efforts
  • Provide gap funding to build and deepen the services and businesses that can be provided in the communities
  • Legacy planning to support those who love their community, have an idea how to benefit it, yet need some tools to help put that idea in place

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