Bowman Comprehensive and Transportation Plan

The boom and subsequent bust in the 1980's which resulted in out-migration and vacant properties, has provided a learning experience for the region. Bowman is taking this opportunity to not only plan for the near future and the potential impacts of the oil industry, but for several years into the future. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of planning for the future in a community anticipating an oil boom is identifying short term versus long term growth,
due to the unknown rate of development. This plan acknowledges that, and emphasizes the importance of remaining flexible in terms of timeframes and adjustments that are needed to address job growth in the area and the corresponding demand for housing and retail sales and service.

This comprehensive plan outlines the goals, objectives, and policies for Bowman. It establishes a future land use plan, defines future transportation improvements, and lists steps the city will take in the direction of achieving short and long-term goals. This plan is meant to serve as a decision making tool, to be used by city staff and officials.

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