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The following document provides a list of links highlighting Headwaters Economics Research Report updates. The reports are census data driven.

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Below are a list of updates from the Headwaters Economics group out of Montana.  I would like to point out the pre-generated Profile of Socioeconomic Measures for each county.  These reports are census data driven and it runs comparisons in charts and graphs that may be of use or interest to you. Go to the link below my name and then click on your county. 

If you have downloaded and used the data base before, the updates should be available for new calculations or queries.  As I recall when I did this (a while ago), it was a relatively easy data base to use for queries should you want sub-county data.  Shirley B.


Headwaters Economics

Research Update: Fall 2012

Web Version: http://headwaterseconomics.org/newsletter-fall-2012/

Wildfire: Development and Temperature Increase Costs

Headwaters Economics has studied wildfires across the West, analyzing how more homes near forests and increasing temperatures have significantly increased future costs and safety risks.

Improved Socioeconomic Profiles

We've made two improvements to our free socioeconomic softwar (EPS-HDT). First, detailed pre-generated county-level reports are available as PDFs. Second, data are now offered at the sub-county level (county subdivision, cities, and towns) and congressional districts.

Fiscal Policy Often Unprepared for Energy Impacts

Headwaters Economics reviewed how state and local communities can improve their fiscal best practices and also conducted an in-depth report on the growing infrastructure and services needs created by unconventional energy production such as the Bakken.

Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front and Wilderness Proposal

This study analyzes the economy of Montana's Rocky Mountain Front region and the impact of the proposed Heritage Act.


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